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He has a younger brother, Roman Paul and an older brother Logan Paul. Jake's mom's name is Pamela Stepnick and his dad's name is Greg Paul. People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the biggest things of entertainment." Soo, yeah, his relationship with Erika is for your pure entertainment – enjoy it while it lasts!

Pamela is a nurse and Greg was in the military and has since retired. Apparently, Jake's dad bought a video camera to tape him playing football so he could get better by watching himself after the games. He loves to hang out with his friends, eat, go on adventures, go off roading and pretty much participate in any activity that will give him an adrenaline rush. Jake has had a slew of hotties as arm candy in his life. However, he most recently had a very public split from ex Team 10 member Alissa Violet. It all started when Jake accused Alissa of cheating on him and claimed that was the reason why they broke up.

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A few days ago it was announced that Jake and Disney Channel would be parting ways.

He played a role on the show but after a series of discussions, Jake said the decision was mutual. A lot of the content Jake puts up on his video blogs isn't exactly family friendly.

Not only does Team 10 do some crazy things for the sake of their vlogs, but they also attract hundreds and hundreds of fans each day that sit outside and wait for them to show face.

The neighbors literally hate all of the commotion on the street which is not making for a good relationship between them and Team 10.

The Hobgoblin was created by writer Roger Stern and artist John Romita, Jr. Like other writers Stern found himself under pressure to have Spider-Man fight the Green Goblin again, but did not wish to bring Norman Osborn or Bart Hamilton back from the dead, have Harry Osborn become the Green Goblin again, or create yet another Green Goblin.

Instead he created a new goblin as heir to the Green Goblin's legacy and developed the Hobgoblin.

was currently in the middle of season 2 when Jake just up and left.

Everyone thought it was super crazy and came to the conclusion that Disney Channel actually fired him over his antics rather than believe the mutually parting ways excuse that he gave.

It's over sexualized, has a bit of violence and antics that just really aren't for a PG rated audience. Jake IS an adult so he wanted to start acting like one. But, you should know who he is because if Jake has it his way, he's about to become huge. And for everyone else who loves Jake already, we've dug up some facts about him that even his biggest fans may have forgotten about!

However, a lot of people aka all of you moms out there reading this, don't know who he is. Jake is a social media personality with his own You Tube channel.

The brothers then started uploading their videos to a channel called, Zoosh. It was in the middle of July that reported that the gang was having crazy parties and conducting insane stunts in their neighborhood.


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