Vanness wu and ady an dating

Almost half a year ago, however, the two split up, and Nathan began romancing mainland Chinese actress Stephy Qi (戚薇).An enraged insider took to the Internet to blast Nathan for cheating on Ady with Stephy, as well as criticize him for habitually exploiting his girlfriends’ connections to gain popularity.Moreover, he made a “7V” gesture before his dive, indicating his girlfriend’s nickname.

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Ady and Nathan met and fell in love when they worked together on the mainland Chinese movie Rhapsody of Marriage , which was released in 2012.

To help further her boyfriend’s career, Ady introduced him to many industry insiders, including Wang Zhonglei (王中磊), the president of Huayi Brothers Media Group.

Nevertheless, Nathan told the cast and crew that he was single and seemed intent on pursuing Stephy, the drama’s female lead.

He and Stephy later started going out and even filmed a very intimate music video for her new single, “Us, Us” .

Two jilted lovers find solace in each other by spending all night getting really, really drunk. In a desperate attempt to undo all their mistakes, they might just discover they've made all the right choices.

As their 32nd birthdays approach, best friends Pei Zheng Xi and Mo Cheng Zhen become a part of their mothers' wager: if Zheng and Zhen can't find their own partners before their birthdays, then they have to marry each other.

Nathan eventually signed a contract with Huayi Brothers in the hopes of officially opening up his entertainment career in China.

Because Ady has always kept her love life a mystery, she and Nathan did not go public with their relationship.

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