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Then I wonder, what about the ones who die, are thrown overboard, or executed? They were the tint of mud, stained like dirt, the color of a moth or rotting potatoes. I was angry- not only at skin, but also at my parents, the white men that control this world, and everything else I could think of. I could no longer taste blood on my tongue, hear the screaming and groaning of insane elders, or reach out to touch a dead person’s cold and rigid skin on any side of my body. Yet then, I awoke that night to see an old man dying of a heart attack.Who shall act as our providence and save us from such a death? Today, I looked at skin in a way I never did before. If I weren’t black I wouldn’t be sitting in this dark abyss, sweating from the others’ body heat in the middle of winter. For once, there was grass instead of water licking a boat and tossing it around. His sparkling blue eyes turned grey as his spasms came to a cessation.

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The winter air is refreshing at first, but then I cannot stop shivering and I don’t want to move. The red marks are everlasting mementos of our masters’ cruelty.

I used to dream of mutiny, revolting against the people who kept us aboard. My life had gone right and I’d long since forgotten of these scaring memories.

The United Nations boss has said he is horrified by reports of slavery in Libya.

Reports show thousands of African refugees are being sold in auctions and markets across Libya every week.

Most of the people being sold are black African men.

There are also reports of the enslaved people having their organs removed. The UN's Antonio Guterres spoke in a televised statement.He said: "I am horrified at news reports and video footage showing African migrants in Libya reportedly being sold as slaves." He added: "I [hate] these appalling acts and call upon all…authorities to investigate these activities without delay and to bring the [criminals] to justice." A group of human rights experts said urgent action had to be taken to stop this modern-day slave trade.The Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council said: "It is now clear that slavery is an outrageous reality in Libya.I give her a voice and let her speak with my knowledge. Dear Diary, I sit, surrounded by people not six inches away, underneath the deck of a boat. The groans grow so loud that I cover my ears and try to muffle the sounds with my own singing.Last night I sang until my body passed out from exhaustion and I could only hope that I would make it until the next day. Yet the others and I are still hidden as the white men’s dirty secret.Only those who have endured this would side with us and surely we would lose. I wouldn’t be fed this slop, using an overflowing bucket for a restroom, or dying slowly at such a young age. I wouldn’t be here now- afraid, lonely, and waiting to arrive at a destination I’m unsure of. Grandmother Etana, I wish with all my tears to be in that little hut with you again. Here I have none and everything is so overwhelming. I have awful nightmares and I always wake up with sweat and tears dripping off my body. Would I have been better off shot by one of the white men?

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