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Where the realm of heaven is breaking out, we find healing and liberation. Jesus' ministry and that of his disciples entail the exorcism of demons, an issue that will pose a stumbling block for many congregations.

One path is simply to skip over this detail, as modern congregations find it either baffling or irrelevant.

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The Bible simply does not address things like dating, egalitarian relationships, and women who have built lives of their own.

In this conversation I suggested that the parts of the Bible most pertinent to our sex lives might not say anything directly about sex at all.

He seemed surprised when I suggested that perhaps he was asking the wrong question.

When we think about things like economics and government, we don't ask the Bible to tell us how to manage things directly.

Apparently written to Torah-observant Jewish followers of Jesus, the Gospel anticipates a Gentile mission (; -20).

Preachers should exercise prudence with this matter, since Matthew's Gentile program carries an ugly underside.

Whether with Jesus or commissioned by Jesus, the authentic proclamation of God's realm is marked by healing and liberation.

This is precisely Jesus' reply when John the Baptist inquires, "Are you the one who is coming, or should we wait for another?

Matthew's Gospel requires that proclamation first extend to Israel before it may move along to the nations.


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  2. An act of self-injury which might make sense if understood as a suicide attempt become all the more difficult to comprehend when the self-injurious person denies that they are trying to kill themselves and is telling the truth. What are they trying to accomplish when they harm themselves?

  3. The record features some of the group's most widely known songs such as "Bills, Bills, Bills", the group's first number-one single, "Jumpin' Jumpin'" and "Say My Name", which became their most successful song at the time, and would remain one of their signature songs.

  4. Tested in the harshest environments, D'cor Production Printed Graphics have stood up to the test of factory teams racing the Monster Energy Supercross Series and the Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Nationals.

  5. But what worked well in our teens may not work as well as we age since our bodies and tastes change.” “What was your favorite food when you were 13? “It’s about taking something you began doing as an adolescent and adapting it to fit your values and needs as an adult.” He lays down a clean sheet and taps the table.

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  7. This law also makes it an offence for an adult to expose a person to any indecent matter, 'without legitimate reason', where that person is under the age of 16 years, or the adult believes that person to be less than 16.

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