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Rationals (NT) – These thinkers often work in the sciences, engineering, medicine, or law—fields that allow for cool logic and don’t necessarily require a high degree of sensitivity (You’ve been warned).

They are likely to have opinions, which they often enjoy defending to the death (I’m looking at you, ENTPs).

Of course, these are not unbreakable rules, just some guidelines to get you thinking about what you are looking for.

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The gist of it is that Judgers should pair with Perceivers, Extraverts with Introverts, while Intuitives should stick with their own kind, as should Sensors.

The Feeling/Thinking dimension is the one area in which mixing or matching is considered equally likely to result in success.

Admittedly, most people probably won’t be flaunting their neuroticism in their profiles (i.e., “I love taking long walks on the beach and then freaking out that I’m going to get a third-degree sunburn that will develop into an inoperable melanoma, resulting in my slow and agonizing death”).

Agreeableness is another facet of personality that can be hard to accurately read from an online profile.

Artisans tend to live in the present and be spontaneous, so pictures of their sky-diving excursions might appear, along with a passion for sports and other athletic pursuits.

In addition to the four dimensions of personality type, you might also want to consider the Big Five personality traits—openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism.

It’s great that in 2015 we have so many options of both potential dating partners and ice cream varieties.

At the same time, it can be quite stressful to pick from the many choices.

However, there are other more subtle clues as well. According to one study, self-identified “dog people” are more extraverted than “cat people.” Pay attention to the person’s hobbies as well, as solo ventures such as painting, writing, bicycling, or Netflix-binging might indicate introversion.

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