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'It works like a miracle.' Tammy Bakker - O'Hara; crew - extras; announcer - staff announcer Benny Hill meets Hill Street Blues, complete with Thames television sign off.

Benny Hill - Thomas; Cop - Flaherty; Cops, tarts - extras; announcer - Thomas Bob's got a frog in his throat.

The two last shows in the cycle also feature an SCTV Classics segment of repeats to end the show.

(This heavy use of repeats was used as a plot element in the first show of cycle 3.) Best of the Best: CCCP1, Zontar, The Godfather, SCTV Staff Christmas Party Emmy nomination: outstanding individual achievement - creative special achievement (Alex Tkach, Michael Gross, and Wayne Schneider (graphic artists)) The Russians hijack SCTV's satellite signal and beam Russian programming to America; in response, Guy enlists Red Rooster, Dr Tongue and Woody Tobias to get the airwaves back.

Announcer - Moranis Ivan and Valeri welcome new viewers in Melonville. Host: Nikolas Harmelov - Moranis; Victor Kametsky - Levy; Anna Petrovich - O'Hara Feliks puts Argentina, Australia and Texas into Russia.

Host: Feliks Dzerzninsky (Deshinrinsky) - Thomas Beware of the ones who would undermine Mother Russia.

Also includes the superb Perry Como promo sketch, used as the clip at the Emmy awards, and the excellent parody of The Jazz Singer featuring Al Jarreau.

Additional Viewing: The Russian wrap includes elements of Fail-Safe and Dr Strangelove.It is a superb set of shows, featuring among the finest wraparound concept episodes in CCCP1, Zontar, The Godfather, and the Staff Christmas Party.*In January 1982, NBC aired three specials of repeats from previous shows billed as The Best of SCTV.Giorgy - Candy; Comrade with Car - Moranis; Arguing couple - Flaherty, Martin; Comrade - Thomas; Uzbeks - Doug Steckler, extras; simple happy Russians - extras; Announcer - Thomas Strelnokoff, when work is done.(Note: theme is an old Miller Beer jingle.) Igor - Levy; Workers, police, Waitress - extras; Announcer - Thomas; Worker chorus - Thomas, Moranis, Levy; Uzbecks - extras Tibor's Tractor is actually Kruschev reincarnated.Perry Como is still alive ("Fame", "Celebration Time", "I Will Survive", "What Did I Love For", "I Love the Nightlife").


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