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I can’t help noticing that she looks a bit dazed, but I don’t think much about it at the time.Inside his room, Fox is sitting on the sofa wearing a neatly cut black suit and white shirt.I’m apt to get some pretty odd looks when I bring this up – and none more so than now. I really need those wide open spaces and a feeling of loneliness. 'When I’m in LA I just can’t f---ing wait to get out of it. It drives me nuts.’ When he went off to college in Massachusetts to study economics, his fellow students, he says, treated him as if he’d just crawled out of a cave.

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'I mean, it wasn’t as if they met me and thought I was such a fantastic guy that they decided to spare Jack.

They’d already re-written the script before I came along.’ Various other cast members have crashed and burned over the past six years – literally so in some cases.

I put a lot of pressure on myself and I think I am quite… 'Probably.’ By this point it’s become clear that Fox takes himself more seriously than almost anyone I’ve ever met.

well, intense about driving other people.’ Too intense do you think? Looking at my notes afterwards, I see that I’ve written, rather shakily, 'My God, it’s like talking to a tree.’ But to be fair, he’s being doing interviews for 12 days in a row now and the strain is plainly showing. All at once he turns from being a grindingly serious actor into someone who’s engagingly boyish and none too sure of himself.

You’re looked at as being the one who’s going to lead by example,’ he says. There is a long pause during which Fox’s publicist comes in and hands him a freshly opened packet of cigarettes and I can see him staring longingly at the window again.

'Well, I’m pretty intense about the work I do and I always want everyone to be as focused as I am on making it as good as possible.

On screen – most notably in Lost, of course – he has a distinctively laconic grace and a goofily bashful grin. Within moments, he’s jumped up and gone over to the window to have a cigarette.

But the window only opens about two centimetres and so Fox has to wedge one elegantly tailored shoulder into the gap and blow the smoke out through the window so he doesn’t set off the fire alarm.

'I think I’m going to have two very different sets of feelings,’ he says in his slow, very deliberate way.

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