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It also – critically – makes it easier to engage in casual physical contact that would be awkward to attempt sitting directly across.I spend a fair amount of time out and about and eavesdropping on dates is a guilty pleasure of mine…This is why most of my favorite first dates are structured to avoid the “audition” frame that so many first dates turn in to – sitting awkwardly across from each other, asking the 10 standard getting-to-know-you questions everybody asks and spending most of the date inside your own head instead of, y’know, enjoying yourselves.

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Even so: a coffee date can be made more than just strangers asking questions while trying to pretend that the Starbucks they’re drinking doesn’t taste like burned ass. Some double as music venues – some in Austin even have improv and stand up comedy performances.

Many others have board games, which can be a great ice breaker and allow for that competitive aspect that can get your juices flowing and the flirty trash-talking sparking.

You’re trying to find the right balance of “impressive” but “non-chalant”.

You’re stressing where to take her, what to say, who’s going to pay for what and – most of all – do you go for the kiss at the end of the night?

Then, of course, if everything goes well, is there going to be a date or are you going to be waiting by the phone that never rings, desperately trying to summon up your latent telepathy and trying to implant the idea of calling you back through thought projection?

Fortunately, it’s all pretty simple, as long as you keep your head.

Good news: Most men are pretty forgiving on a first date. Spoiler alert: It's a free for all, and definitely doesn't align with the traditional "rules."Do whatever you want to do on a first date — well, try not to be rude.

Here are some actual responses from actual men, from guys on Reddit to the guy I lost my virginity to (yup, I can't believe we still keep in touch either), on what makes men want to ask a date out again.

Your date is about getting to know each other, not getting to know her AND checking up on your Facebook friends or the seen far too many people on dates lose track of their conversation with their dates because they put their i Phones on the table and keep glancing at them every time a new email or text chimes in.

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