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Psychologist Kristen Mark of the University of Kentucky and her colleagues recruited 6,000 people using social media and various other websites (65 percent male; aged 18 to 70 , with 51 percent falling within the 35-54 age range) and asked them to take an online survey about their views on monogamy.

Specifically, using a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree), participants responded to the 16 items comprising the Monogamy Attitudes Scale—half of which reflect attitudes of monogamy as natural and an Item ratings were summed up to form the two subscales ranging from 8 (strongly disagree with all eight items) to 56 (strongly agree with all eight items).

So how did bisexuals fare on these two subscales compared to the other sexual orientation groups?

As the graph below shows, bisexuals (65 percent of whom were women) rated monogamy as less of an enhancement and more of a sacrifice than did heterosexual or gay/lesbian people.

Their attraction to both sexes may be just an additional impetus for questioning the monogamy norm.

The bottom line is that if you seek a non-monogamous committed relationship, bisexuals might be more amenable bet than straights, gays, or lesbians.

The ability to be person—and both are distinct from the ability to stay loyal to whatever commitments you've made to a partner.

As one bisexual woman once told Lisa Diamond, a leading researcher of female sexuality, “I can choose between a red car and a black car, but I’ve only got a one-car garage!

These culturally-imposed ideals may or may not work for individual people, but it requires a certain amount of cognitive flexibility and interpersonal courage to question such deeply entrenched social conventions.

It’s plausible that the same flexibility that allows bisexuals to defy societal constraints on who they can love also allows them to defy social constraints on how many they can love, and how.

They didn’t differ from those questioning their sexual orientation.


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